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Goldenmax International Technology Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Goldenmax International or ) is a China-Hong Kong joint venture registered in Shanghai's Songjiang District, reformed from former Shanghai Global Electronic Material Ltd. (established on October 19, 2000) by the shareholding system.
The company belongs to electronics materials industry, it is state-level high-tech company, main products are copper clad laminates for printing circuit, a variety of high-grade products FR-4, FR-5, CEM -3 and the black substrate, white substrate, prepreg and series of laminate products, reputable in the industry. CCL is the most basic raw material in electronic industry, equivalent to the ground in real estate industry. Because all the electronic components on electronic products need to be mounted on the substrate to become an electronic product, this product and industry have quite a good industry stability as the power and steel in the foreseeable future, .
Over the years, the company was named "Shanghai Foreign Invested 'Double Excellent' Company", "key company in Songjiang District", "Foreign Invested Advanced Company" and "Taxpayer Pacesetter Company in Songjiang District". In 2007, the company achieved 20 billion yuan of sales income, ranked   the top two in Chinese laminate industry. Goldenmax International has two CCL brands and three corresponding English brands-"","" and "", in which "GDM" brand represents the highest quality of copper clad laminate in the industry.
The headquarters of Goldenmax International located in Shanghai Songjiang Industrial Zone, the current capacity of company assets is hundreds of million yuan, has three large copper clad laminate factories in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Zhuhai (newly set up), totally about hundreds of thousand square meters of modern high standard factory, dozens of the world's product line for advanced copper clad laminate and a full set of  copper clad laminate's testing equipment. A new plant in Zhuhai was put into operation in 2009, the company’s production capacity is 300 million square meter/month, with 3.5 billion of annual sales, has good economies of capacity. Industrial distribution in the three cities makes the company's products delivery capacity and service level have been greatly improved, making the company's overall competitive capacity reached unparalleled degree. The new plant in Zhuhai let the company have a larger capacity, more advanced, much newer and more efficient production facilities, can greatly improve the level of customer service in Guangdong Province. Meanwhile, the company also received another industrial technology upgrade, more new technology will be applied, and can provide more and better new products to the market which meet market demand of our customers.
The company spirit of Goldenmax International is "creating excellence, pursuing perfection." Business philosophy is "people-oriented, sustainable management." The core business means is use the lowest investment cost and operating cost to produce the best products. This is the root cause that we can get faster and more stable development in fierce competition in the same industry. Therefore, the sales of  Goldenmax International continued grow at over 50% compound annual growth rate from 2001 to 2008. Market share continued to expand.

Employees in Goldenmax International work hard in rigorous manner to ensure perfect product quality. Our company has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, product is IPC-4101 standard based, develop and improve the company standard. Our products also acquired American UL certification and Germany VDE certification. Our company is one of members of China Printed Circuit Association (CPCA) and China Copper Laminate Association (CCLA). We regard sustainable development and environmental protection as our responsibility, take all measures in saving energy and reducing emissions, including using a lot of variety of the latest environmental technology in the new plant’s design process, making saving energy and reducing emissions in new plant reach the most advanced level in the industry. Our company passed ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification during the production, all manufactured products meet the European RoHS standard.
The copper laminate series products of Goldenmax International access to worldwide recognition and praise in China and global PCB industry with excellent quality, all kinds of varieties for market demand and highly cost-effectiveness, and a stable supplier for internationally renowned companies such as Dell, Samsung, LG, Siemens, Motorola, Changhong, Midea, Haier, Lenovo, Fujitsu as well as Chinese domestic defense products companies, products are sold in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, North America, Europe, Korea and Southeast Asia. We are 3A-level bank credit company and also a model of "integrity management" in the industry. Products are divided into high, medium and low these three grades to meet the different needs of customers, furthermore, never supplement good products with shoddy or low grade ones in the marketing process. In over decade of development process, the behavior of Goldenmax International won the broad trust from banks, suppliers and clients. Company’s good customer service and management system ensure to provide our customers with the quality and satisfactory products and technical services.
In the face of fierce market competition and the ever-changing development of electronics industry, Goldenmax International emphasis on the development of new products and technological innovation increasingly. In 2008, the company invested RMB 20 million to create a corporate R & D center and developed to produce a series of new high TG, high CTI and halogen-free products suitable for medium and high degree of heat-resistant copper laminate in lead-free technology. Now, the company has about 5 to 10 new technology applying for national patents each year, the company's technical center has been identified as district-level technology center by Songjiang District Government and is applying for municipal technical center at present.

All the staff of Goldenmax International are working hard to create world-class business goal in "unity and harmony, common development" business climate.

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